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Military Wives Community

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Welcome, thank you for your interest in military_wives.

Moderators ARE:


A few rules:

1. Please do NOT post information that is better suited for your personal journal in the community.

2. Please restrain from posting in fonts that are HUGE or in color as some community members have styles that will make it difficult to read.

3. Please observe OPSEC.

4. Please make every effort to use punctuation, capitalization, and spell check. We don't expect perfection, but a valiant effort will always be appreciated.

5. Please use only icons to post in the community that are work safe and child safe.

6. All rules will be strictly enforced. If you are allowed to join this community you will be expected to follow them.

7. Considering this is an on-line community with a forum atmosphere (comments), you should understand prior to posting that any time you post, members will more than likely read into things, make assumptions, misunderstand your intentions or plain just not agree with you. You should be prepared to deal with this in a mature manner PRIOR to posting.

8. If you, for some unknown reason, become offended by ANY member of this community and make a post stating that you are leaving and never coming back, you will not be re-considered for membership in the future. Please be advised that due to past "drama" caused by such posts, your "friends" may be removed or disallowed from joining in the future as well.

9. As the creator of this community, the person who maintains it, along with the moderators above named who also PAY for it, I/we reserve the right to change these rules, delete the community, remove ANY member and make decisions on potential members without an explanation of a potential negative outcome. Please do not e-mail the community asking for reasons or excuses.

10. If you consider these rules oppressive and can't see your way clear to have enough maturity to follow them, don't bother joining. Thanks

You don't have to be nice if you don't want to, etc. This, hopefully, will be a place where all concerned individuals of all branches can meet and gain friends, or enemies, whatever the case may be. Expect some debate at times. If this offends you, be careful what you read. It helps to read the title of a post before reading it.

It is not wise to post any personal information or information that precisely states where you or your family are stationed or what mission your military member is on etc. and so on. For your protection and in the interest of our soldiers, you should think about what you post that pertains to those issues. For questions about OPSEC go here OPSEC Overview Also, rather than pasting the militaryspouses opsec statement here, I suggest that you go over there and check it out. It is on their information page and was written by solcita. While you are there consider joining their community also, they are a very knowledgable group of women who might have answers to your questions. Thank you solcita for your permission to use your info page as a reference. Another good post to read is Here Thanks to emmycantbemeeko for this.



Feel free to use any of the images on this page, with the exception of the military_wives banner. That was created by saweetmomma and you will need to ask her for her permission. However, DO NOT HOTLINK to them. I thought this was common sense, apparently not.

military_wives is on the Porkchop Cluster, subcluster 2 for everyone's information.

Questions? Contact us at military_wives@cox.net.